Business & Commercial Loans Melbourne

Running a Melbourne business is a stressful yet rewarding experience, no matter what industry you are in.

Whether it’s managing your cash flow, purchasing stock or growing your business, our Melbourne finance brokers take the time to understand every detail of your business and financial requirements, so we can handle the finance while you stay focused on what you do best. Whether you’re growing a business or starting a new venture, you can reach your business goals sooner with lending that works for you.

Manage cash flow

Cash flow keeping you up at night? Unexpected expenses and events have the potential to throw your cash flow into disarray. A short-term business loan can help cover a range of temporary cash shortfalls, allowing you to cover wages, invoices and other general expenses.

Purchase stock or inventory

What good is an ice cream shop without any ice cream? Inventory or stock is one of the most important assets of a business, but supplies cost money. Meet customer demand or launch a new product line with a short-term business loan to cover inventory costs.

Purchasing an existing business or franchise

Building a new business from the ground up can be an exhausting process, but buying an existing business is also no small feat. The established infrastructure, ongoing cash flow and loyal employees can be a real advantage for a dedicated candidate who has done their research.

Business insurance premium finance

Hefty business insurance premiums can really put a dint in your cash flow, and though we may detest them, it's essential we operate with the right insurances in place. You can free up your cash flow with a short-term business loan that covers the cost of annual business insurance premiums.

Marketing activities

Stand out from the crowd with a good marketing strategy to really drive business growth and revenue. Whether it's snazzy branding, an impressive website or an eye catching social media presence, a business loan can cover the expenses and help your business reach new heights.

Commercial property purchase loans

In the market for a Melbourne office, retail, warehouse, shop front or speciality space? A commercial property loan is very different to a residential loan because of its complexity and higher risk. Whether you're a business owner or investor, we can help you get your commercial loan over the line.

Commercial property refinance

Commercial property refinancing can be a mind boggling process, but it can also have many benefits. You could potentially lower your monthly repayments, reduce your interest rates, cash out your equity, and even consolidate your debts.

Commercial property fit out & renovation

A commercial space without a functional fit out is like a bicycle without wheels - useless! As a business grows and times change, your current commercial space may no longer fit your needs and require a renovation of fit out overhaul.


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