Streetwise Money Course

Buying a home is likely the largest financial decision you’ll ever make, but do you even know where to start when it comes to having the cash for the deposit? Have you ever thought, there’s simply NO WAY I can save the money I need?

We’ve helped hundreds of Australians buy their first, second and even third home, and what’s really clear but also backed by federal data is that most of us never learnt the basics of finances! That we don’t have the knowledge in setting, managing and achieving our financial goals, and that basic financial literacy is a huge factor in determining our life outcomes, and stability in making the right financial choices for our needs.  How can we make those right decisions when many of us don’t understand the basic principles, including what we spend our money on, everyday?

That’s why the team at Kudos Money is proud to offer one of our own, Sarah Eifermann’s Streetwise Money Course to all our clients, with a whopping 20% discount. It teaches you the basic fundamentals of finance; understanding your living expenses, recognising your money decisions via a cashflow, creating a budget and reading the “gap” between. In just ten minutes a day, you’ll MASTER your money matters! Now that’s how long it would take for Paul to make you a coffee on his fancy machine!  

So you’ll not only walk away with awesome financial knowledge, the best part about this course is that it will prepare you for your next home loan application, whether you are yet to get into the market, or looking to upgrade your existing home! There’s been so many changes in the last 12 months relating to the information you provide as an applicant when applying for finance, and this course will leave you home loan ready with a budget built off your own spending, and accurate living expenses already recorded. You’ll be elevated to “Dream Client” instantly!

join our financial literacy course today

Join our financial literacy course today!

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